Jolla Takes on Mobile Goliaths with Agile Sailfish OS


On 21 November 2012 at the Slush start-up event in Helsinki, Jolla launched a software development kit (SDK) for its Sailfish OS. It also showcased the Sailfish operating system and user interface, and announced support by ST-Ericsson for Sailfish within its NovaThor chipsets. Sailfish is built on top of work by the Mer project, which continues development of the MeeGo platform created by Intel and Nokia, and Qt, an open-source development framework.

Jolla intends to launch Sailfish OS devices in 2013 with a specific focus on the Chinese market. In July 2012, Jolla signed an agreement with China's biggest mobile phone retailer, D.Phone, which has 2,100 retail locations. Jolla has also announced an agreement with Finnish operator DNA. At the event Jolla also emphasised its ambition to license Sailfish OS to phone manufacturers.